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Transport packaging for medical samples


We have developed a transport package for transport of 1 - 8 test tubes. The advantage of our solution is that it saves time and money for our customers and at the same time greatly reduces the climate footprint.


Easy to use

As the packaging is a single unit without any loose parts, its easy to understand how the sample should be packed.The risk of incorrect packaging is reduced.
Easy to open and handle
With a single step, both the secondary packaging and the cardboard box are opened. The process can also be fully automated.
Fast handling
The packaging is up to three times faster to handle than other similar packaging.
Recycle and get money back
After the packaging is used, our customers return it to us. The packaging is sorted by quality and our customers receive compensation for its condition.
Adapted for the new economy
Circular economy in that packages that are returned to us and are in good condition can be sold again. Packages with minor damage are repaired. Packages that are too damaged are sorted into materials and become new packaging. In this way, we save the resources of the earth.

Customizable content

The appearance and function of the packaging is tailored to suit the customer's needs. For example extra space for sampling material or instructions.

Fulfillment and distribution

We also offer labeling and packaging of the customer's sampling material. We can handle orders and distribution directly to end customer.

Reduced amount of waste

Our packaging concept reduces the amount of waste by up to 90%. The waste that still remains is higher up in the waste ladder.

Low transport cost

The package is not much higher than the test tubes and only 30 mm deep. This makes the packaging very economical to transport.

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